Where refined handcraft and design meet to shape unique instruments that satisfy the needs of demanding musicians and tickle the fancy of classy collectors.

Mirko graduated with honors in 2000 from Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milan. For his final dissertation, Mirko worked on the restoration of a Gibson L-5 belonging to Franco Cerri, for whom, in 2015 he created a Gibson Signature. Mirko splits his time between teaching lutherie and hand-crafting custom instruments in his studio in Desenzano del Garda (Italy).
“I believe that a high quality instrument must be designed and assembled just like a tailor made suit. Instruments must be customised not only to help musicians expressing themselves at best but also to perfectly reflect them from an acoustic and aesthetic point of view. I wish that the instruments I make were not only a means to turn ideas into music, I want them to be a source of inspiration for music itself.”
No matter if we talk about acoustic, classic, electric or archtop guitars, the important thing is that they blend Mirko's exquisite Italian style with the dreams of ambitious musicians and refined collectors. “I've never wanted to set limits to my creativity by identifying myself with a category or a model. I've always tried to create instruments that convey emotions and move me”. John McLaughlin, Franco Cerri, Francesco Buzzurro, Maurizio Brunod and Simone Guiducci are just some of the guitar players who chose Mirko's hand-crafted custom instruments.

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